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multiple vertical bore holes

Vertical bore holes (Closed loops) are used where there is not enough land for a horizontal Trenched-in loop. For vertical closed loop systems, a U-tube (sometimes two U-tubes) is installed in a well drilled 100 to 400 feet deep. Because conditions in the ground may vary greatly, loop lengths can range fro 130 to 300 feet per ton of heat exchange. Multiple drill holes are required for most installations where the pipes are generally joined in parallel or series-parallel configurations. Installation cost varies. One item of concern is that the vertical borehole may allow downwash of contaminated surface waters into potable water aquifers, or cross contamination among aquifers. Careful backfilling, as prescribed by IGSHPA and local regulations, is important for geothermal in stallions.

Closed Loop Systems

​Horizontal Trenched-in pipe

​The Horizontal Trenched-in pipe (buried pipe) is the most recent technical advancement in geothermal technology. The idea to bury pipe in the ground to gather heat energy began in the 1940’s. But it’s only been in the last few years that new designs and improved pipe material have been combined to make a geothermal unit the most efficient heating and cooling systems available. Site size requirements for the buried pipe can be as small an area measuring 100 ft by 50 ft.

Rathmann Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has been installing Geothermal Heating & Cooling systems for over 25 years.  Our installers are long-term employees, experienced in geothermal installations. We own and operate all of our own equipment to handle your complete installation from start to finish. We will create a complete computer generated design that is site-specific for your installation. All that we require are building specs and a site visit. Geothermal heating and cooling is the most economical, clean, non-pollution, proven heating and cooling technology available today. The unit merely removes heat from or adds heat to the ground. This results in lower utility bills (40% to 60% lower than with conventional systems), lower maintenance and higher levels of comfort year around. Geothermal heating is flame-less, therefore producing no health and safety concerns as associated with fossil fuels. 

There are two basic types of Geothermal heating and cooling systems: Closed Loop and Open Loop. Closed Loop systems are Horizontal Trenched-in Pipe or Multiple Vertical Bore Holes or Pond Installation. Open Loop systems are Supply & Recharge Wells. We primarily install the Closed Loop Horizontal Trenched-in Pipe. We have found these have the longest life (50 year guarantee), with the least amount of service. 

We will continue to service your Geothermal system as long as it is required. Contact us for more information.

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